Suzanne Lee


Suzanne is the Founder and Director of Biocouture Ltd. She coined the term ‘biocouture’ in 2004 to describe her pioneering research growing clothing using living organisms. Biocouture garments have been exhibited around the world, featured in many design books and across all media. Suzanne has been recognised by a prestigious TED Senior Fellowship and her ‘Grow your own clothes’ TED talk has been viewed over 600,000 times.

Biocouture Ltd has evolved to become the world’s first ‘living materials’ consultancy. With a focus on bringing emergent biomaterials, biodesign and biofabrication to fashion, beauty, sport and luxury, the studio works exclusively with living material innovators and consumer brands to take materials from the lab to the market.

In 2005 she wrote the groundbreaking book, ‘Fashioning The Future: tomorrow’s wardrobe’, where, for the first time, new technologies for fashion and textiles were captured and mapped out. It remains a key text for designers, scientists and engineers wanting to glimpse the future of wearable technology

Suzanne was recently made a Launch Innovator 2013, an initiative of Nike, NASA, U.S. State Department and USAID. With their support she is building the Living Materials Movement, a platform for innovation that seeks to grow a global community to inform, nurture and generate impact for the future.


Twitter: @biocouture