Shamees Aden


Shamees Aden is a London born material researcher and designer, exploring the potential of how new scientific practices could impact future designs.

Trained as a Womenswear Designer at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Shamees went on to work for high profile designers like Alexandra McQueen, Jonathan Saunders and Deryck Walker. In 2012 she graduated from the renowned MA Textile Futures course at Central Saint Martins with her project, titled: The ‘Ambeo trainer.’ This project was awarded by Blueprint magazine as best of class 2012 and included in the ‘Alive/En Vie’ exhibition held at the Espace EDF Fondation, in Paris.

The ‘Amoeba’ surface-adapting trainer is a conceptual prototype that seeks to probe the future of new materials derived from protocells. The study of protocells is a new and emerging science that has the potential to drastically revolutionise the way we make materials.

Collaborating with scientists from the FLinT Centre for Fundamental Living Technology in the University of Southern Denmark, Shamees seeks to envisage and propose product concepts that communicate the complex subject matter, by engaging with the scientist’s work to visualise the exciting future potential of these living technologies. Shamees believes that we are on the cusp of a material revolution led by emerging living technologies, and that science is becoming the future designer’s toolbox. She is currently working with scientist and TED Fellow Dr Martin Hanczyc from the University of Southern Denmark to fabricate a tangible Protocell trainer for 2050.