Rain Ashford


Rain Ashford devotes most of her time to the exploration, invention, design and construction of wearable technology, electronic interactive artworks and e-textiles. She is very interested in sensing technologies and particularly how these can be applied to the body to capture and visualise physiological states, particularly in social situations. Her work is a blend of hardware, code and artwork, which pokes mischievously at body language, the performativity of social interaction and the body’s connection with environments. Rain often talks about wearable technology and her work at conferences and exhibitions, most recently exhibiting her EEG Visualising Pendant at the 17th International Symposium on Wearable Computers, in Zurich and her Baroesque Barometric Skirt at Smart Textiles Salon 2013, in Ghent.

Currently a PhD researcher in the Dept. of Computing at Goldsmiths College, Rain is peering at wearable technology and contemplating how to make it more disruptive. Rain has studied Fine Art, Multimedia, and Electronics Engineering, which has led to her work developing as a convergence of art, programming & electronics.

Rain also organises and leads workshops on wearable technology and e-textiles, incorporating programming and electronics principles using microcontrollers, sensors and actuators in environments such as schools, universities and hackspaces. She currently helps Computing students develop their projects at an interaction design lab and is Women in Computing mentor at Goldsmiths College. Before starting her PhD, Rain was a senior producer at BBC Learning, and also a technologist at BBC R&D, involved in producing award winning websites, games, campaigns and pilots.

Further examples of her work can be found at rainycatz.wordpress.com

Twitter: @Rainycat