Smartwatches and GPS watches have some a long way since the early days of those massive Casio watches and their tiny buttons. They’ve been getting more compact and powerful ever since, and have grown to become actual smartphones on your wrist.

Best Fitness Tracker for Women

For some activities, especially when you’re not in the gym, it can be hard to measure how effective your workouts are. Sure, you can measure their effectiveness by gauging how much you’ve sweat or your muscle soreness after the workout, but nothing quite beats seeing cold, hard statistics when you’re on your fitness journey. Quick …

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Best Heart Rate Monitor Running

Running can play a big part in keeping fit and healthy.  And determining your heart rate while you’re running will tell you whether you’re in that all important fat-burning zone. Quick Navigation In a hurry? This is our Winner!Best Heart Rate Monitor Running – Comparison TableBest Heart Rate Monitor Running – ReviewsBest Heart Rate Monitor …

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Best Fitbit for Kids

When the world is so saturated with technology and you want to get your kids to just stop watching the TV for five seconds, what are you supposed to do? It’s not like there’s a way to get them outdoors with technology, right? Well, dear reader – that’s where you’re wrong! If you want to …

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