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Are you looking for a smartwatch that isn't going to lose battery after your first day of using it?

For many, finding a smartwatch with a battery life that is capable of lasting longer than a few hours or a day maximum, can be a somewhat struggle. It's important to find a device that has all the features that you're looking for, with a good long lasting battery.

Smartwatches have become one of the most popular wearable devices with millions sold across the world. The ability to tell the time, receive and respond to phone calls and messages and track your health movements makes them a must have for many.

Are you looking to join this new trend and find the best smartwatch with even better battery life? We've done the hard work for you and selected below our top five best picks in the smartwatch market.

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Best Smartwatch for Battery Life - Comparison Table

Best Smartwatch for Battery Life - Reviews

Garmin 010-01769-01 Vivoactive 3, GPS Smartwatch with Contactless Payments and Built-In Sports Apps, Black with Silver Hardware

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Our top pick for you is the Garmin Vivoactive 3 smartwatch, with an extensive list of features and impressive long lasting battery life, it is sure to cater to everything that you need in a smartwatch. 

Before I fill you in on the impressive battery life, here's a little run down of all the other features that this product has to offer. First of all you can purchase this watch in a variety of colors, all with a sleek and modern appearance and the feel of wearing a normal watch. 

This is predominantly a fitness watch with a built in heart monitor with 15 GPS and indoor sports apps. From yoga to running to swimming, with the option available to select more apps and widgets from the Connect IQ store. 

You can connect this watch to your smartphone through the app 'Garmin Connect and Livetrack' and this will then automatically upload your activity stats to the app when it is connected.

Now battery life, this model doesn't have as long a battery life as the previous models in the range, however, it still boasts an impressive 7 days in regular smartwatch mode and 13 hours when it is in GPS mode.


  • You can personalize this watch to how you like from the range of watch faces and apps in the connect store.
  • It has the largest battery life capacity out of many available on the market.

  • You can receive notifications from your smartphone, meaning that you don't have to keep unlocking your phone throughout the day to keep up with all of your notifications. 

  • This watch has a contactless payment feature on it, meaning that you can simply pay from the ease of the watch around your wrist. Also, useful if you ever find that you have accidentally left all of your other payment methods at home.


  • Some customers have had difficulties connecting their watch to their phones through Bluetooth.
  • It is a slightly pricier option but still more affordable than many high end ones available on the market.

Next up we have chosen the Fitbit versa 2. Fitbit is known for producing watches for the health and fitness market and the Versa 2 edition offers an impressive list of features to cater to all of your needs.

This watch comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from and also has a built in Alexa, giving you quick updates of the latest news, while also allowing you to check the weather etc.  

Just some of the features in this watch include, a 24/7 heart rate tracker, sleep score, which gives you a better understanding of the quality of sleep that you are getting, steps, distance and calories burned as well as your hourly activity. 

By simply connecting this smartwatch to your phone you will receive your smartphones notifications, and Android users will be able to send quick responses to these, as well as receiving your calendar notifications. 

Now in terms of battery life, what the Fitbit Versa 2 offers is very impressive. Ultimately it gives you six days of long lasting battery life, this is without you having to turn off the heart rate monitor, a feature which drains the battery significantly on other smart watches.

If you only choose to use the heart rate monitor occasionally throughout the week this can stretch the battery to around 8 days.


  • This watch is compatible with both Android and iPhones making it a suitable option for any user.
  • It is fashionable, with a user friendly and sturdy design. 

  • You are able to turn the auto screen feature off during the nights so that it doesn't keep coming on and disturbing you. 

  • It has a fairly accurate sleep tracker when compared to other watches on the market which gives you a detailed account of how well you have slept that night.


  • It doesn't have a built in GPS tracker,however this issue can be rectified by connecting the watch to your phone and using your phone's GPS instead. 
  • It is a more expensive option than others on the market.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch comes with built in GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi. It comes in the 46 mm size and is available in the colors silver, rose gold and midnight black.

This watch comes with built in health tracking allowing you to keep fit and up to track on your health and movements. The Bluetooth connection also allows you to keep connected with your phone whether this be an Android or a smartphone. 

In terms of battery, impressively this watch comes with wireless charging so that you can charge on the move. Typically the battery on this watch lasts around 4-7 days depending on usage.The 46 mm is the most effective in terms of battery longevity.

Even with heavy usage this watch can last up to four days on one single charge.


  • It doesn't have the appearance of a digital watch, the stylish face gives it a realistic aesthetic and there are interchangeable bands that you can choose from to make the watch more personal to you.
  • The watch comes with Samsung's 360 X 360 AMOLED display, making the colours brighter and pleasing to look at. 

  • It has an amazing battery life for a full featured smartwatch.


  • It is considerably more expensive than other smartwatches that are available.
  • Some customers found the stepcounter to be unreliable and not a true reflection of the number of steps that they had done that day.

Our next pick is the TicWatch pro 4G LTE Cellular smartwatch. Its functional design, with anti print glass, water resistant speakers and a lightweight strap, makes it a user friendly product, suitable for everyone. 

The TicWatch pro comes with a built in GPS tracker and 6 sport modes. It is also waterproof making it suitable for you to take in the pool with you when you are swimming. It also has a built in heart monitor and detects your activities throughout the day. 

Thanks to the cellular technology you are able to connect this watch to your phone and sync all of your notifications easily. The 4G and Lite options can be accessed through the My Verizon app or website. 

This watch comes with two screens, an AMOLED screen and an LCD screen and a smart and essential mode, great for battery saving purposes. The smart life mode gives you around 2-5 days of battery life and the essential mode,which leaves you with the basics of a smart watch can last from 5 to 30 days.

This of course is dependent upon usage of the product as increased use on a daily basis may affect this slightly. When on cellular usage the battery can last up to 18 hours.


  • The two modes help to prolong the battery life of this watch.
  •  It is speedy thanks to the 1gb of RAM.
  • It has a tough and durable build.


  • In comparison to other smartwatches on the market this is a rather expensive smartwatch.
  • Some customers found that the battery on their watch didn't last for as long as they were expecting it too.

Last but not least we have chosen the Amazfit Bip Lite by Huami. This lightweight design watch comes in four colors to choose from and has a 1.28" bright display. 

It is an effective product and fulfills all of your needs from a smartwatch. It comes with a long list of features from the heart rate monitor, built in GPS to track step count, distance and calories burned as well as a sleep tracker and four sport modes.

From outdoor running, treadmill, cycling and walking this watch gives you a detailed insight after you've completed your chosen activity. 

It is compatible with both Android and iPhones and notifies you with all of your phones notifications from calls and texts, to Facebook updates and the weather forecast. 

In regards to the battery the Amazfit Bip Lite it comes with a 30 day long battery life on a charge of 2.5 hours. Of course, as with any smartwatch, this is dependent on your usage of the watch.


  • It doesn't come with an expensive price tag and is a lot more affordable than many products on the market.
  • It is lightweight and doesn't feel heavy when wearing it on your wrist. 

  • Changeable watch faces which can be selected through the free app, meaning everyone is able to find one that they like. 

  • Many reviews show that customers have found the product to be true to its battery life and can last for 5-6 days on 20% battery.


  • The features and apps that it offers are slightly more basic than your higher end smartwatches.
  • Reviews of this product state that some customers had difficulties with connecting this watch to their phones. 

  • The display is disappointing when compared to other smartwatches as the text messages can appear pixelated.

Best Smartwatch for Battery Life - Buyers Guide

Impressively smart watches these days do a lot more than simply tell the time, hence them being titled 'smart' watches. They have a range of features to offer to help boost our attitudes to our health and well being. From the heart rate monitor, running apps, step counter to smartphone notifications, the list of features on offer is truly impressive. 

The factor that many manufacturers work hard to develop when they produce the majority of technological devices is an effective and long lasting battery life. With most products it is difficult to one with a battery life that lasts longer than 1-2 days.

Finding the products with a more impressive battery life than what is typically offered in most products on the market takes a little more research and isn't just a spur of the moment purchase, rather one that takes a little more thought in regards to what you are looking for. 

While battery life is obviously a significant factor when selecting a smartwatch, it is also necessary to consider what other features are important to you. There is little point in purchasing a product with a good battery life if the whole package of what the product has to offer has little appeal to you. 

The first step that we would recommend you to take is to carry out a little research yourself prior to considering a purchase. Have a look at what features are important to you in a product and what features are not as important. Then when it comes to making an actual purchase with the consideration of good battery life, you have a greater awareness of what it is that you are looking for.

Smartwatches are a little like smartphones when you think of it and over the years they have become increasingly more popular. If you think of a smartphone the more that you use it and all of the features and apps it offers you, then the more likely your battery is to drain at a faster pace than someone who does not use all of these features.

Therefore, it would be dishonest to claim that all smartwatches are going to last four to five days because that's what it says on the label. realistically if you are constantly using all of these features that are offered on a smartwatch then the battery is going to drain faster.

So to get the absolute best and maximum out of your smartwatches battery life, it is suggested that you only use the necessary features that you need in that particular moment in time. 

Frequently asked Questions

Are all smartwatches expensive?

There are some smartwatches on the market which you will find to be rather expensive and this tends to be based on the extensive and more complex features that they offer. If you are willing to pay for a smartwatch with a larger price tag, then an expensive smartwatch will offer you all of the smart features that you will need. Plus they are super stylish in their appearance.

If you are looking to purchase a smartwatch but find that you don't have the budget to purchase an expensive one then it is important to note that there are cheaper smartwatches available on the market too with very similar features. It is just important to expect these features to be a little less extensive, hence the difference in the price tags. 

Are smartwatches really worth the money?

Yes smartwatches are definitely worth the money if it is a purchase that you can see yourself getting good use of on a day to day basis. Many come with an impressive list of useful features and they become more than just a gadget and can really keep you focused on your health and well being. As they are more expensive than your typical watch if you do not think that you will use it regularly then it is probably not worth the money for you. 

Will a smartwatch drain my phone's battery?

Some smartwatch users would suggest that they do slightly drain the battery on your phone. This is because the majority of smartwatches require your Bluetooth to be on in order for them to connect to your phones. Having Bluetooth on throughout the day in some cases will drain the battery of your phone slightly. However, it can be argued that you are in some ways using less battery, as you are unlocking your phone less throughout the day, as your smartwatch will typically sync to your phone and will display your notifications for you. 

How can I save the battery on my smartwatch?

There are a number of steps that you can take yourself to prolong the battery of your smartwatch. Adjusting your brightness and turning it down in your settings will help to save battery as having your brightness on a high setting throughout the day, will drain your battery more. Also, as you would on your smartphone, shutting down apps that aren't being used will also help to prolong the longevity of your smartwatches battery life.

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