Best GPS Tracker for Kids

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Tracking where your kids are provides great piece of mind.  It gives them a bit of leeway to go out to the park, go for a bike ride, meet friends, go buy sweets and chocolate, and all the while you can rest assured that wherever they happen to be, you can just go and pick them up in the car when you want them home.

Or alternatively, they can be good for finding your child or teen in a theme park, concert or sports event.

We’ve checked out some of the best GPS trackers for kids that are out on the market today and we’ve handpicked our Top 5 to show you.  After that we’ve also got a buying guide for you, covering everything you might want to think about before you buy.

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Best GPS Tracker for Kids - Comparison Table

Best GPS Tracker for Kids - Reviews

This compact little device from Tracki is a best seller in the GPS Tracker category on Amazon.  It’s flying off the shelves.  And after as many as 1000 plus customers have rated it, the average customer rating still comes out at an impressive 4 and a half stars out of 5.  

It provides unlimited distance tracking using GPS and GSM, not just the local neighborhood, so you can even keep track of the little one when they’re on a school trip.

And then when the child is in an indoor location like a large building or stadium or arena, the tracking takes place via WiFi and Bluetooth.

The corresponding app you use with it is really customizable and easy to use, and you can adjust different settings such as how often and by which method you get updates.  You can get updates as often as every 60 seconds if you wanted, and you could receive your notifications via the app, or by text or email.

We love the SOS panic button function.  Right when your child needs you, you get an alert in real time.

Another thing you can do with your Tracki account is to set Safe Zones, or a zone in which your child is allowed to travel in, and then if they were ever to go outside this zone you’ve set, you will get alerted straight away.

We love just how easy it is to attach to different things.  It comes with a magnet, Velcro strips, lanyard and a belt clip - couldn’t ask for more!

We also like the reports of the tracker’s location history so you can ascertain which locations your child most often goes to.

This tracker is about a third of the size and weight of its counterparts - your child may barely notice it’s in/on their backpack.  

It has an impressive battery life, especially when you factor in the sleep mode you can switch it to when you don’t need it.  And the batteries are easy to replace.

Tracki is so confident in their product, they provide a lifetime warranty.


  • Flying off the shelves
  • Impressive customer rating

  • Uses GPS, GSM, WiFi and Bluetooth

  • Track your child anywhere

  • App is customizable and easy to use

  • Sos panic button

  • Set safe zones

  • Easy to attach to different things

  • Records location history

  • Small and lightweight

  • Lifetime warranty


  • A monthly fee is required to run the service, but you can get away with paying as little as $9.95 a month depending on what package you go for.
  • Could become frustrating if the SOS function were to occasionally be accidentally pressed when not needed

This great little tracker kit from Jiobit has been awarded “Amazon’s Choice” for “gps tracker for kids”.  This is an award given when a product meets that category’s better standards and is simultaneously placed at a reasonable price for a product in that category.

Moreover it’s also COPPA Compliant: certified, meaning it gets THE seal of approval as a child friendly technology.

It uses 4 different methods to track your child’s location - cellular network, BT, WiFi and GPS, so you will always know where your child is, indoors or outdoors.  Better yet you also get instant notifications when their location changes, such as when they arrive at a safe location. 

There are 2 things that really set this GPS tracker apart from the others.  First is it’s encrypted location data and TrustChip technology, so only authenticated users can track your child’s location and no-one else, including would be hackers.

The other thing about it is just how water resistant it is.  Not only can it hold up to the rain, but if you were to accidentally throw it in the washing machine with the child’s clothes it will still work - how cool is that!

It’s a very discreet little device too, if you child is weary of it being too noticeable.  There’s a built in loop to attach it to shoe laces, or you can thread it to a belt, or clip it onto a waistband, or attach it to a buttonhole.

We love that you can get detailed reports providing things like route history, particularly if you want to be assured your child avoids a specific area or route.

It all comes up on the free Jiobit app which you can get for Android or iOS.  It’s super easy to use too.

The customers seem to love it as much as we do - after well over 300 customer ratings on Amazon, the average still comes in at a reassuring 4 and a half stars out of 5.  With this GPS tracker, your child will be in safe hands.

Although you have to pay a subscription to track the location, the embedded SIM card will work whichever carrier you currently have, so you won’t need to pay an extra cell contract.


  • Amazon’s choice for “gps tracker for kids”
  • Coppa compliant

  • Uses cellular network, bt, wifi and gps

  • Get real time data and instant notifications

  • Only authenticated users can track your child’s location

  • 100% waterproof

  • Super discreet and easy to attach to clothing and bags

  • Get detailed reports

  • Free jiobit app is easy to use

  • Impressive customer rating

  • Don’t need to pay an extra cell contract


  • Premium product at a premium price
  • Requires a subscription data plan to track location, but it’s available at a reasonable price

This GPS tracker from SpyTec is flying off the shelves at Amazon, and after well over 5000 ratings, the average customer rating is still really good, coming in at 4 stars out of 5.

At first we thought the attraction was just the affordable price, but it has a lot more going for it than that.

It’s GPS system uses 4G satellite technology to give you accurate location data, regardless of whether you are tracking in wide open spaces or more dense, urban areas.

The GPS tracking data is sent, all securely encrypted, to your phone, tablet, or computer.  You can customize the Spytec GPS Browser app as you see fit, and get SMS and email alerts anytime the tracker enters or exits a defined zone or area, for example when your child has arrived home safe.

You can also set up summary data reports to retrieve information such as speed of travel.

It’s also very small at just 2 inches in length - a fraction of the size of a smartphone.  Your child may not even notice it in their backpack.  Very discreet.

The battery lasts a full 2 and a half weeks a stint, so you could use it to track your child’s whereabouts on overnight trips without worrying about if the battery will last.

The tracker is backed up by a lifetime guarantee, and if it were to get damaged, you can get it replaced completely free of charge.

As for the subscription plan, it is affordable but is not the most affordable option across all of the GPS trackers we’re showing you.  That said the customer service available is first class, and the staff are available 24/7 which is very reassuring for the worriers amongst us.

There are 3 different subscription plans available for this device, please see the Amazon page for details and select the one which best suits your needs.


  • Flying off the shelves at amazon
  • Great customer ratings

  • Uses 4G satellite technology

  • Will work in dense urban areas

  • Data is sent securely encrypted

  • Customize the spytec GPS browser app

  • Get sms and email alerts

  • Set up summary data reports

  • Small and discreet

  • Long lasting battery

  • First class customer service

  • 3 subscription plans available

  • Lifetime guarantee


  • No attachment options for clothes, just needs to be dropped into a backpack
  • Subscription plans cost more than some of the other ones we’ve covered

The customer feedback on this fantastic - after well over 1000 customer ratings, the average customer rating comes out at an impressive 4 and a half stars out of 5.

It’s accuracy is great, and with it’s 4G LTE technology means you get location, movement and direction data right as it happens, updated every 10 seconds.  

You can track anywhere in North America, Mexico and Canada, and you get alerts when your child has traveled too far, thanks to it’s Geofence function which lets you set up safe zones.

It can do SOS notifications in emergency situations.

Historical data can be kept so you can bring up travel time etc on the smartphone app or desktop interface.

The battery will last a full 2 weeks, so will last the duration of most trips away from home.

It’s very small, and will slip into any backpack, pocket or luggage.

The subscription plan you will need is affordable, and better yet the SIM card is included in the price, and there are no registration or activation fees, and you can cancel the subscription any time.


  • Impressive customer rating
  • Great accuracy

  • Track anywhere in North America, Mexico and Canada

  • Set up safe zones

  • Sos notifications

  • Historical data can be kept 

  • Battery will last a full 2 weeks

  • Small and discreet

  • Sim card is included

  • Affordable subscription plan


  • The subscription plans available, although affordable, aren’t quite as affordable as some of the others we have looked at so far.

What a price - this GPS tracker from HHSW is an absolute bargain!  

And better yet there’s no mention of subscription fees for the GPS data, you just pay for the SIM and the network contract.

It uses three advanced positioning modes, including GPS, WIFI, and LBS to provide largely accurate real time location data.  

Unlike most GPS trackers however, this tracker also functions as a voice monitor - so not only will you always know where your child is, you can also learn who they are with and what they are getting up to.

It also features an SOS key.  In an emergency, the child simply holds down the SOS key for 4 seconds, and the tracker will immediately dial the default number through SOS function and send an alarm to your mobile phone.

We also love the Geofence Zones, where you can set up safe zones, and get alerted when the tracker is detected leaving the safe zone.

It works with Google Maps, so you get street names in your data, not just an unnamed point.

It’s very small at less than 2 inches in length so it’s very discreet.

The customer service is good and you usually get a response the very same day.


  • Bargain price
  • No subscription fees

  • Three positioning modes, GPS, WIFI, and LBS

  • Also functions as a voice monitor

  • Features an SOS key

  • Set up safe zones

  • Works with Google Maps

  • Small and discreet

  • Customer service is quick to respond


  • Only supports 2G networks.
  • GPS accuracy is not as good as it could be

  • Child may not appreciate your eavesdropping on their conversations

  • The SIM card you will need is not included in the price and will have to be bought separately.

  • T-mobile SIM and SpeedTalk SIM Cards are recommended.

Best GPS Tracker for Kids - Buyers Guide

There are a handful of things you might want to think about before you buy your child’s GPS tracker - let’s walk you through.

Is a GPS Tracker the right option for your family?

A GPS tracker is a great way to keep tabs on where your child is.  But you should take some time to consider whether that is enough.  For example if your child has a smartwatch, they can see at a glance whether it’s time to come home and they can call or text you to let you know where they are, or where they intend to go.  These smartwatches often feature GPS functionality, and very often at a similar price to what you would pay for a GPS tracker alone.

As the child grows older they more be concerned about their street cred, and won’t want it advertised that their parent or guardian is “spying” on them.

Accuracy and Performance

Not all GPS trackers are created equal.  Some GPS trackers can provide more accurate data than others.  And it’s certainly worth mentioning here that GPS trackers tend to work better in wide-open locations, than more in dense areas.  

Some GPS trackers however will work just as well indoors as outdoors, such as those that are LTE based, and will provide coverage for across the AT&T LTE-M network.

Some GPS trackers also make use of other means of tracking whereabouts when you need to find your child in a large built up area like a stadium, making use of WiFi, cellular and Bluetooth technology.  

Generally speaking the more methods made available to track your child’s location the better and more accurate the data.

Subscription Plans

Unfortunately in the US, to track GPS data, a subscription plan is usually required.  These subscription plans can vary in price according to which provider you use.  Many of them charge about $25 per month, but you can also get ones closer to $10 a month which is much more easily affordable and provides better value for money.

When you look into the different subscription plans you may be interested to find out whether there are any cancellation fees applicable, since you wouldn’t want to keep paying for it if the tracker got lost for example.  You should also be wary of being asked to pay any unnecessary activation or registration fees.

If your GPS tracker also tracks over a cellular network, you should ascertain whether there are any extra charges for this service.

Discreet and Easy to Wear/Attach

All of the GPS trackers we have shown you in our Top 5 picks are all very small and discreet and are easy to slip into a bag.  Some of the trackers we have shown you go one better than that and can be attached to your child’s clothing.  Specifically these are our Number 1 pick, the Tracki 2020 Model Mini Real time GPS Tracker, and our Number 2 pick, the Jiobit - Smallest Real-Time Location Tracker for Kids.