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Are you looking for a way to encourage your teenager to spend more time outdoors or maybe you're hoping for them to develop a more enthusiastic attitude towards exercise? 

A fitness tracker is a great way to increase your teenager's engagement and interest in exercise. It enables them to keep up with their health and progress and develop an understanding of their daily engagement with sport and physical activity. 

There are many different options available on the market and it can sometimes be difficult to narrow it down to just one. Looking for a tracker specifically for teenagers, you will want it to appeal to them and their age. 

We have searched the market and found the best fitness trackers for teenagers. 

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Best Fitness Tracker for Teenager - Comparison Table

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Fitbit Alta HR, Black, Small (US Version)

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We have selected the Fitbit Alta HR as our top pick. This is an ideal tracker for teenagers as it incorporates a sleek and modern design and is available in three different colors. Thanks to its slim and lightweight design this is an easily wearable tracker. 

Not only can you monitor your heart rate, but you can also measure the calories that you have burned and the use zones allow you to select the right intensity workout to match your goals. This is ideal for personalizing your Fitbit to your own desired outcomes. 

A useful function is the sleep monitor which is powered by the pulse rate, this gives you feedback in regards to how long you slept and also the quality of sleep. So for example, if you had a light sleep or a deep sleep. This is great for helping to improve sleeping patterns and working towards achieving a better night's rest. 

This Fitbit has an impressive seven days of battery life on a singular charge which is great as it can be used without losing power halfway through a workout or walk. 

The Fitbit app also enables you to sync all of your data so that it is recorded on your phone as well and this can then be reflected upon at a later time if needed. 

The information is displayed on a colored screen with easy to read data graphs.


  • The data is clearly displayed and easy to understand.
  • You can personalize the workout zones to match your goals. 

  • It is available in a variety of different colors.

  • The auto-exercise recognition feature automatically knows the exercise that you are doing. 

  • The small and sleek design means that it is not bulky to wear around. 

  • The screen displays text and calls notifications, which is ideal as you can see who has contacted you without having to disrupt your workout by checking your phone.


  • It isn't waterproof, it is resistant to splashes but isn't ideal for teenagers who swim and want a fitness tracker for this purpose.

Next up we have chosen the Garmin Vivosmart 4 fitness and activity tracker. The slim and fashionable design makes it easy to wear with the information displayed on a bright screen. 

There are several pleasing features available with this fitness watch. From the sleep monitoring which uses a pulse-based Ox sensor to monitor oxygen saturation levels through the night to the heart rate monitor, stress tracking, relaxation timer to the body energy monitor, and much more. 

The features are truly outstanding; there are activity timers specifically directed towards the types of exercises that you may be doing throughout the day whether this is walking, running, strength training, yoga, etc. 

By connecting this fitness tracker to your phone's GPS, you can continue to track your movements while you are exercising outdoors. You can also get all of your vibration alerts like text messages, calls, and Facebook and Whatsapp notifications. 

This watch is waterproof so a great pick for teenagers who enjoy swimming as it can be used to monitor progress and stats underwater too.


  • This tracker has a 7-day battery life on a singular charge.
  • It is waterproof so it can be worn in the shower or swimming without getting damaged.

  • The sleek, lightweight design makes this fashionable and stylish so that it blends in well with daily attire. 

  • It is available in different colors. 

  • The tracker gives you detailed feedback in regards to how well you slept during the night.


  • The display is a little narrow so some people may find it difficult to read and use.

Our next pick is the Letscom Fitness Tracker which is an ideal choice for teenagers.  

The everyday activity tracking is a function that monitors your step count, calories that you have burned, and the distance that you have traveled which is great for encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle. 

The heart rate monitor tracks your heart rate throughout the day and this automatically tracks your sleep as well, informing you of how much time you spent in a deep, light, or awake sleep. It is useful if you are looking to make changes to your sleeping pattern. 

The VeryFitPro app gives you more details of your stats and also vibrates and displays any notifications such as messages or calls when you receive them so you don't have to stop and get your phone in the middle of your activity. 

Some handy additional features with this watch are the remote camera shooting and when you lift your wrist and turn this watch towards you, the screen automatically lights up so you can see the information more clearly.


  • It retails at a great price which is ideal for those who don't want to spend lots.
  • It has a very sleek and thin design which isn't too bulky to wear.

  • There are a variety of nice colors available. 

  • The app is user friendly and easy to download and understand. 

  • The tracker doesn’t take a long time to charge and can last a few days on a singular charge.


  • It is water-resistant but isn't waterproof so not ideal for swimming.

The Lintelek fitness tracker is another great pick for teenagers. The all-day activity tracking accurately records your daily activity and exercising and monitors your step count, calories burned, distance, active time, and sleep status. Usefully, as it is difficult to view this information while you are on the move this can then be looked at later on through the app. 

The heart rate monitor continuously monitors your heart rate throughout the day and displays your stats in an easy to read heart rate graph. The sleep tracker accurately monitors the duration of the time that you have slept and provides comprehensive data in regards to the quality of your sleep. 

The sport modes mean that you can track up to 14 different sports activities that you may find yourself completing throughout the day, from walking, running, and cycling. Even better you can connect this fitness tracker to your phone's GPS to use outdoors and record a map of your workout routine. 

Conveniently the tracker vibrates whenever you receive any calls, messages, or notifications and gives you a useful little reminder to get up and walk around once you have been sat down for a while. This is particularly useful for teenagers who may need a little bit more encouragement to go outdoors.


  • This is a very affordable fitness tracker.
  • It is available in many attractive colors so there are plenty of choices.

  • There is a red light indicator that informs you when the tracker is charged. 

  • The app means that you can view data and stats once you have finished exercising.

  • The information is clearly displayed on a backlit screen.


  • Some people found that the app wasn’t very user friendly as they had difficulties using it and connecting their phones.

Finally, we have chosen the TOOBUR fitness tracker which is suitable for adults and teenagers alike. 

The all-day activity tracking function automatically tracks your steps, the distance that you have traveled, and the calories that you have burned. This data can easily be viewed by tapping the watch screen or viewing via the compatible app that you can connect to through your phone. 

The sleep tracker is a great feature, this fitness watch automatically detects the length of time that you sleep for and gives you feedback in regards to the quality of your sleep. Usefully there is an alarm function too, this is perfect for teenagers who need a little extra help waking up in the mornings. The silent vibration will wake you up without disturbing anyone around you. 

By connecting your phone to this fitness device you can keep on track of your notifications, calls, and messages via a subtle vibration alert. 

The slim and sleek fit makes it ideal for teenagers as it isn't too bulky and can easily be worn daily. 


  • There is a 12-month warranty and lifetime support service so there are always solutions and advice available if you experience any problems with this watch.
  • It is a great affordable price. 

  • It is lightweight so easy to wear around without feeling as though you have something bulky on your wrist. 

  • It is waterproof so you don't have to worry about rain, shower or pool damage.


  • The battery life isn’t as long as some other options that we have mentioned and it requires charging a little more frequently.

Best Fitness Tracker for Teenager - Buyers Guide

Buying a fitness tracker for a teenager can seem like a daunting task. There tends to be a certain amount of pressure to purchase a modern and smart device that your teenager is going to be happy to wear. We've included some features and functions that make a fitness tracker stand out from the rest, making them a great option for teenagers.

Fitness Modes

Different trackers will offer different modes, some being more advanced than others. All trackers will have a step counter which tracks how many steps you do throughout the day. Some of them will have more advanced modes too where they can monitor running, cycling, walking, and workouts. This will give you a more detailed insight into your progress when doing these activities specifically. 

Heart monitor

This may not be the most important feature to teenagers, however, it is super important when encouraging them to be aware of their health. Of course you don't want teenagers to feel overwhelmed with information but this is handy as some watches will monitor heart rate continuously throughout the day, while other trackers will require this to be done manually by holding a button on the bottom of the screen.

Sleep Tracker

The sleep tracker function is something that you'll find on most trackers, some will give you more detailed feedback than others. Almost all of them will monitor the amount of time that you slept for, while some will give you a more detailed breakdown in regards to the quality of your sleep.


Of course, keeping up with their notifications whether this is texts and calls or Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp notifications is important for many teenagers and most fitness trackers will allow them to do this by alerting them when their phone receives a notification. On some they will even be able to respond to these messages from the fitness tracker without needing to go onto their phones.


With most fitness trackers, even the cheaper ones, they will come with a partner app. This enables you to connect your phone and tracker by syncing them to the app. This is great for teenagers as they can stay connected by receiving notifications to their phones but can also get a more thorough understanding of their fitness activities by viewing their data in more detail on their phones. 


For teenagers the color of their fitness tracker may be important to them. You will find that many fitness trackers are available in different colors with interchangeable straps. With so many different colors to choose from there is bound to be one that caters to everyone's different tastes.

Style and Fit

Different brands will design watches in different styles. Some tend to have the traditional watch fastenings, others will be done up with a button. Teenagers may have different preferences in what they like and what they find feels more comfortable. It is necessary to note that style and fit are important because it needs to be comfortable enough to wear through high and low-density activities. While most are designed to be worn around the wrist, some may be worn around the ankle or attached to clothing.

Battery Life

Battery life is super important. A tracker with poor battery life can be massively inconvenient. Nobody wants to go to check their progress and then find that their tracker has run out of battery mid activity. You will find that battery life varies, some trackers may have a battery life of around a week while others maybe a few months or maybe even a year. The longer the battery life the better as this reduces the number of times that you have to keep putting it on charge. Of course, factors such as brightness, etc are going to affect how long your tracker can last on one singular charge.


The way that the information is displayed is really important, different watches will display the information differently. Some fitness trackers will display things such as the date, time, step count, etc, while others may simply just display the time. It may also vary in how this information is written, e.g., in words, numbers, and symbols. A common feature in more advanced watches too is their touchscreen features which give a more immersive and intuitive way of looking at the data. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

At what age is it suitable to purchase a fitness tracker for my child?

This is mainly based upon personal choice and the comfort of parents. Some parents may have different preferences in regards to what age they are happy to buy their teenager one.  Fitness trackers aren’t necessarily harmful to teenagers as they can be a fun way to encourage them to partake in daily exercises and activities. Older teenagers may purchase one themselves. If you have a younger teenager you may choose to wait until they are a bit older.

Is a good fitness tracker going to be expensive?

No, not all fitness trackers are expensive. They can range in price from as little as $20 - $30 to $100+.  We have listed some super affordable options that offer features very similar to those that are more expensive. There are some great options available that retail for a much cheaper price.  If you have a budget in mind then there is an affordable option available that is just as good as the higher priced trackers.