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Fitness trackers are becoming very popular particularly for fitness enthusiasts. They are an easy way to keep track of your daily performance and lifestyle through the stats and data that they collect throughout the day.

For cyclists a fitness tracker is a practical device for them to wear on the go to monitor their progress as they cycle. With the market for fitness trackers constantly expanding there are so many different ones to choose from and narrowing the market down to one can be difficult. 

We have done the hard work for you and selected our top five picks for the best fitness trackers for cycling. Below, we have included a buyers guide with our top tips for finding the best fitness tracker. 

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Best Fitness Tracker For Cycling - Comparison Table

Best Fitness Tracker For Cycling - Reviews

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro, Premium Multisport GPS Watch, Features Mapping, Music, Grade-Adjusted Pace Guidance and Pulse Ox Sensors, Black

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For our top pick we have selected the Garmin Fenix 6 pro fitness watch, boasting a range of impressive features it is definitely worthy of your purchase. 

The stainless steel, rugged design makes it great for your outdoor adventures as it is durable and strong enough to withstand any harsh bumps or scratches. However, it also combines a sophisticated aesthetic that is ideal for everyday wear. 

The data is displayed on a 1.3" sunlight-readable screen so it is easy to see even when it's sunny outdoors. 

This fitness tracker combines both a heart monitor and sleep tracker, which gives you advanced sleep monitoring and feedback.

The Garmin Fenix 6 pro sports many advanced features, not only does it guide you through your activity via the Pacepro grade-adjusted pace guidance it also has environmentally adjusted VO2 max as well as training status estimates.

Impressively, it is loaded with TOPO support, a built-in navigation satellite system, and built-in sensors. 

Additionally this watch supports Garmin pay and has a music streaming service too. 

Impressively there are notification alerts with this fitness tracker so you can stay informed as you cycle. 


  • It has great battery performance; 14 days in smartwatch mode, 10 hours in GPS and music mode, 28 days in GPS activity mode, and 48 days in battery saver watch mode.
  • It is durable and designed with stainless steel so it isn’t going to get damaged easily.

  • The Pacepro feature gives you guide adjusted pace guidance throughout your activity.

  • This watch has GPS and a navigation system so it is ideal for when you are cycling outdoors and finding new routes.

  • It is available in a variety of different colors.


  • It is a little pricier than some other options available.

Next up we have chosen the Polar M430 Sports Watch and Activity tracker, with a built-in GPS it is great for cyclists. This works to keep track of your pace, the distance that you have traveled, and also the altitude. 

This tracker consistently monitors your daily step count and your activity. It also monitors your sleep and the number of calories that you have burned throughout the day. 

Impressively, this watch is waterproof which is ideal for cyclists as there may be times where you find yourself cycling in the bad weather, and this way you don't have to worry about any rain causing possible damage. 

Using the Polar Flow App you can effectively plan your exercise, sync your data to your phone, and then share your training with others. 

Usefully, you can receive notifications from your phone through to this watch and these are then displayed via the watch screen saving you having to get your phone out every time that you receive a notification.


  • It is very affordable in comparison to other watches on the market.
  • It has a built-in GPS which is great for planning routes.

  • It is waterproof so effective at withstanding harsh weather conditions.

  • The app is easy to use and user friendly.


  • It doesn't have as many navigation tools as you can find in other fitness watches.
  • The heart rate monitor can sometimes be a little inaccurate.

Our next pick is from the brand Samsung and it is the Galaxy Active watch. It is designed with a circular watch face and a durable strap, but overall it is thin and lightweight, perfect for wearing daily as well as during exercise. It is designed with an aluminum casing so it is very strong and the interchangeable straps enable you to customize the appearance of your watch. 

A nice feature of this fitness tracker is that it automatically tracks and stores all of the data from your activities that day, for example your walks, runs, and cycles will be stored in this watch so you can view your stats later on. It automatically senses when you are working out too which is useful as it saves you having to input this manually. 

This tracker automatically detects six different exercises but is capable of tracking up to 39 more. 

Samsung has created a fitness tracker that cares for your health and wellbeing. Not only does the sleep function monitor your sleep duration and quality, but it also helps to analyze your sleeping patterns and encourages you to wind down so that you are always feeling your best. You will also receive an alert if the tracker detects that your heart rate is too low or too high.

By connecting this fitness watch to your phone you can stream your playlist so you can listen to music while you cycle, you also get your notifications too which is super convenient when you're on the go.


  • This watch has awesome battery life and can last for a few days on one single charge.
  • While being able to automatically track 6 exercises you can track 39 more too. 

  • The stats are displayed on an easy to read screen so you can easily glance while you cycle.

  • It is easy to set up and connect to the app.


  • A few customers who have purchased this watch have experienced issues with water damage even though it is advertised as being ''waterproof'' so this is something to be cautious of.

Next up we have another device from the Garmin brand and that is the Garmin Forerunner 935 GPS running watch. As a watch with GPS watch you already know that this is going to be a good choice for all of your cycling journeys. 

With a wrist-based heart monitor you can be aware of your heart health when you exercise.

Usefully this watch has a built-in barometer that monitors elevation changes and the altimeter and electronic compass are great for helping you to keep on track.

This tracker is also useful if you are looking to closely monitor your training efforts as it indicates whether you are undertraining or overtraining. 

In regards to cycling this watch tracks advanced statistics and gathers measurements such as elevation gain, ground contact time balance, and much more. It's also ideal for runners and swimmers alike.

With a lightweight but sturdy design you can be assured that this watch is strong enough to withstand the toughest environments while being comfortable to wear too. 

Above all of these features, the tracker can connect to your phone so that you can receive notifications while you exercise.


  • While it is lightweight, it is durable and designed to withstand bumps and scratches.
  • It offers advanced tracking features which are great for cycling. 

  • The frame is water-resistant which is ideal for bike rides in bad weather.

  • It features an onboard GPS.


  • It retails at an expensive price when compared to the other devices we have mentioned.

For our final pick we have chosen the Coros Pace Multisport GPS Watch. This is a great pick for cyclists, particularly those wanting a more in-depth analysis of their journeys and activity. 

With a wrist-based heart monitor built into this watch, it effectively works to provide you with performance metrics for your physical activity whether this is cycling, running or swimming, etc. 

Accuracy and preciseness have been incorporated into all details of this watch. The GPS, GLONASS, and BDS work together to locate your exact position even when faced with interference while outdoors. The built-in Barometric Altimeter feature works effectively to gather accurate elevation readings.

The tracker boasts outstanding battery life allowing for up to 30 days of use when on standard mode and 25 hours when being used in GPS mode. 

Usefully you can also receive and control notifications from your phone including texts, calls, and social media notifications from Facebook and Whatsapp, etc.


  • It is designed with three satellite systems that work to accurately locate your position and adjust to the altitude.
  • The Ultrasync technology means that your data is uploaded to your phone in seconds.

  • The design of the tracker focuses on durability and comfort.  

  • Using the app you can access stats and notifications on your phone and watch.

  • It has great battery life.


  • The screen is a little bit dim which means that you need to concentrate a little more to read and understand your stats and data.

Best Fitness Tracker For Cycling - Buyers Guide

Looking for a fitness tracker with all of the functions that you require can often seem overwhelming. There are so many different options available so it is important to find the one that is going to be better suited to you and your needs. As a cyclist there will be some features that will be more useful to you than others.

We've created a list of features to look out for below so you can be sure that you are purchasing the right fitness tracker for you. 

Battery Life

Now this is probably one of the most important features of a fitness tracker; impressive battery life. The last thing you need when you are out cycling is to find that your tracker has lost power mid-journey, leaving you unable to gather data for the rest of your journey. The average battery life tends to be around 4-7 days. You may even find some that last a few months to a year. The longer the battery life the better as this is going to cause you less disruption while you cycle.


Cycling can either refer to outdoors on a physical bike or cycling indoors using an exercise bike. If you are a frequent outdoor cyclist then the GPS is super important as it means that you are still able to track your exercise even when you are outside. With most trackers you will be able to connect them to the GPS on your phone so that you can look at your progress once you have finished your exercise. 

A built-in GPS is even better as this way you can collect specific data showing where you are at any given time. 


Fitness trackers can vary in regards to how they are designed. You will find some that are sleek and lightweight with small screens and then others that are a little larger with bigger screens. The screen makes a difference in how well you can read and digest the information. For cycling, you may prefer to have a larger screen so that the data is easier to see while you ride, or you may prefer a smaller screen that is built into a more compact watch. 

The fit is also important, you want a tracker that fastens securely so you don't have to worry about it loosening while you cycle and you want it to be comfortable too. 

Activity Tracking

Almost all fitness trackers come with built-in sport modes and there typically tends to be a range of different ones that you can choose from to suit the activity that you are doing. Of course, in this instance the activity in focus is cycling so you want to ensure that there is a mode for this on your tracker.

Water Resistant and Weather Proof

Again, this is a factor that differs depending on the sports watch. Some will be both water-resistant and weatherproof while some may not be. If a watch is water-resistant it is going to be strong enough to endure splashes without getting damaged. If it is weatherproof then it is durable enough to withstand the wind and rain without this affecting its performance. Ideally you will want a watch that incorporates both of these features, however, a weatherproof watch would certainly be beneficial to cyclists as they can endure the rain without causing damage or affecting the performance.

Heart Monitoring

All fitness trackers are designed with a heart rate monitor, this is particularly useful for those who like to have an awareness of their health. On some this function will continuously track your heart rate throughout the day, on others, it will only do so when you press the button on the tracker. 

Sleep Tracker

After a day of cycling you will be hoping for a decent night's sleep. Fitness trackers are very useful as they provide you with detailed feedback the next morning regarding the duration and quality of your sleep. This is great for those that are looking to make lifestyle changes. 


The majority of fitness trackers now tend to come with apps. These are great because it means that you can simply connect your phone to the tracker and this then syncs your data so that it is available on both devices. 


When you're cycling the last thing that you want to be doing is stopping to get your phone out of your pocket every time that you hear you have a notification. This function is super handy because once your phone is connected to your tracker you can receive notifications, call and text alerts simply by looking at the watch around your wrist. Some may let you respond to them using the tracker, but even for those that don't it is still a useful feature.


Fitness trackers can come in at all different prices, some costing around $30 and others costing $100+. It is beneficial to have a budget in mind as this gives you a good idea of what you are happy to pay for, even on lower budgets there are still some good trackers available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are fitness trackers good for cycling?

Yes fitness trackers are very good for cycling. As mentioned above, they are a great way for you to keep track of your daily exercise. By collecting the data and stats, they allow you to get a more detailed understanding of your activity. 

Do all fitness trackers come with a GPS?

Some fitness trackers will come with a built in GPS while others allow you to connect to your phone’s GPS. A built in GPS accurately records your speed, distance and elevation during outdoor activities. A good GPS is especially useful for activities such as cycling as you are still able to gather data and stats.