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If you’re on the hunt for a Fitbit model that keeps tabs on your blood pressure, then we have some news for you. At present, there's no model of Fitbit smartwatches that have this capability, though we don’t doubt that it’s only a matter of time till one is made. With that said, we’ve seen the term Fitbit used to refer to many different gadgets that, while similar in their functions, aren’t part of the Fitbit brand.

We don’t want to waste your time, so we’ve compiled these similar smartwatch products with features that monitor your heart rate. This isn’t the same as monitoring blood pressure, let’s make that clear, but problems with blood pressure will usually show up as irregularities with how the heart is working. It’s also an accessible and convenient feature found on many smartwatches of all price points.

You’ll find five of them below with their advantages and disadvantages listed out, and after that there is a buyers’ guide that’ll clear up any confusion you may have over how these products work. You’ll also be able to see our rationale with how we ranked the products, meaning you can do your own homework and find the right products for you.

NB: To get direct and reliable results on blood pressure measurements, you may be better off using a proper kit like the Omron 10 Series Blood Pressure Monitor.

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Our Pick

If you need a product that can do what we’ve described above and you need it fast, then we’ve got our Fitbit option here for you. Check it out and, if you’re impressed, then you can be on your way and make your purchase as fast and simple as possible. We’re talking about the Fitbit Versa Lite Smartwatch, the only branded Fitbit product in this list that boasts great features that you can see described below:

  • The watch is capable of 24/7 heart health tracking, enabling you to at least track how well your blood is pumping through your body through both exercise and sleep. When exercising, there are 15 modes for different activities like running and swimming.

  • As a smartwatch it has smartphone app functionality, meaning it can take calls, texts, and just about any other activity that you can pack into an app. The whole watch itself is also water-resistant to a depth of 50 meters, so you don’t need to worry about water damage in your day to day.

  • Made with lightweight, anodized aluminum that is easy to wear, keeping to the Fitbit brand. The Gorilla Glass 3 panel is also capable of reaching 1,000 nits of brightness.

Best Fitbit for Blood Pressure - Comparison Table

Best Fitbit for Blood Pressure - Reviews

So, if we had to recommend a Fitbit product to you, it’d be the Fitbit Versa Lite Smartwatch. Why? Simply because it’s one of their products that have more features and functionality when compared to the rest of the Fitbit catalog. 

We recommend it for its 24/7 heart rate monitoring which, while not blood pressure, is as close you’ll get to monitoring blood pressure with a Fitbit product. Tracking your health through the day and night (as long as you’re wearing the watch, that is) is a roundabout way of keeping tabs on your blood pressure since most blood pressure concerns are linked to an over- or under-performance of the heart.

As for this smartwatch’s other fitness-related features, you’ll find a mode for fifteen different types of exercise that’ll have you covered whether you’re running or swimming, making it a great companion to those who want to monitor and better their exercising habit. The watch is water-resistant to a depth of about fifty meters which, at that point, is practically waterproof for everything you should be putting it through, like the occasional rain shower or an accidental drop in a puddle.

What sets this smartwatch apart from most Fitbit models is the fact that it functions like other big brand smartwatches, taking calls and texts after being set up. It also has smartphone app compatibility, enabling you to download apps that let you use a calendar, look into weather reports, and much more.

The screen of the watch is made from Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3, a chemically strengthened glass that’s light but damage-resistant, and it’s amplified to have a brightness that can reach up to one thousand nits at its highest settings. The rest of the watch is made with anodized aluminum which, despite being wider than most other Fitbit products, carries on the brand’s reputation of being lightweight and very easy to wear.

A common problem that plagues smartwatches also affects this Fitbit, and that’s the battery life wildly varying depending on how much you use the watch throughout the day, and the intensity of that use.


  • 24/7 tracks heart health and performance through day and night.
  • 15 exercise modes for all types of exercise, like running and swimming.

  • Water-resistant to a depth of 50 meters – practically fully waterproof.

  • Smartphone app functionality with calls, texts, weather, calendar planning, and more.

  • Amplified screen brightness up to 1,000 nits.

  • Lightweight, anodized aluminum body fits comfortably on the wrist.


  • Battery life depends on its settings and use.

Our favorite of the alternate brand smartwatches is the Withings Steel HR Sport Hybrid Smartwatch, which is the most neutral looking watch featured in this list for those who prefer a classic, analog-style watch.

It’s capable of heart rate tracking, of course, which enables you to not only maximize any workouts but will also provide you with continuous, in-depth reporting during the day and overnight. It can also assess your cardiovascular capacity by estimating your V02 max. If you’re a runner, you also have a GPS feature that’ll map your route from distance, elevation, and pace.

The sleep tracking system is very comprehensive, scoring your sleep cycles based on the depth of your sleep and the number of interruptions that you suffered during the night. When you’re awake, you’ll also be notified of any calls, texts, and any other app functionalities you’ll want to program into your watch.

The durable steel case of this watch not only contributes to its neutral, classic design, but also makes this model water-resistant to fifty meters beneath the water. At that point, it should be able to handle anything that you’ll reasonably put the watch through. That analog design, however, means that the smartwatch screen is much smaller than what you’d expect from our number one option.


  • Continuous heart rate tracking when you’re awake and asleep.
  • Workout mode features GPS connectivity that maps your running route logistics.

  • Sleep tracking system scores your sleep cycles.

  • Capable of call, text, and other app notifications.

  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters.


  • Due to its design, the operational smartwatch screen is smaller than other market alternatives.

Third up in our list is the Amazfit Verge Smartwatch, a sleek watch that’s also capable of 24/7 heart rate monitoring, allowing you to have some insight into how your heart, and so the blood that the heart pumps, is working. It also has twelve sport tracking modes for different sports and fitness activities with running, soccer, and cycling being just three examples.

As for the day to day use of the watch, it has Alexa built into it, who can help you both make and take calls and fetch real-time notifications from your mobile apps, including social media ones. With that said, some have expressed concern over how reliable the smartphone connectivity is, particular with iOS-operating smartphones.

It’s one of the most impressive watches on this list in terms of battery life, having three to five days of charge depending on how much you use it. It has a 1.3-inch AMOLED display that’s paired with a sleek band that’s available in three neutral designer colors that should appeal to all genders and be fit for wear on any occasion.


  • It is capable of 24/7 heart rate monitoring.
  • 12 sport tracking modes for running, soccer, cycling, etc.

  • Alexa is built into this device and can make and take calls.

  • Very capable battery life with a 3 to 5-day charge.

  • 1.3-inch AMOLED display that’s available in three designer colors.


  • Connection to your smartphone can be hit or miss.

As we move to the more affordable side of this list, we have the FITVII Health & Fitness Smart Watch, which has the enviable position of being Amazon’s Choice for the search term “blood pressure monitor smartwatch.” 

This is because it uses sensors to record heart rate and uses this information to estimate your blood pressure. This isn’t a hard measurement that you can rely on if you absolutely need to keep your blood pressure monitored, but it’s fine for casual monitoring. It also sounds an alarm when the heart rate gets too high.

It gathers a lot of data on your wellness in general, generating reports on both your exercise and sleeping habits, making this a great option for those who need to look out for their health on multiple fronts. You can also keep up to date on your social media by syncing the watch with most of your apps and calling/messaging services.

The 1.3-inch watch screen is touch-sensitive and high definition, being colorful and really easy to read whether the screen is obscured by too much light or too much shade. The watch body carries an IP68 rating, meaning that it’s both dustproof and waterproof, so much so that it can survive 1.5 meters beneath the water. This makes it functionally waterproof, since there should be no situation where a responsible owner of this watch would find themselves that deep in water. Instead it’s great for showering and very light swims.


  • Uses sensors to record heart rate and uses this to estimate blood pressure.
  • Gathers data on your exercise and sleep to improve your lifestyle.

  • Sync with your calls, texts, and social media applications.

  • High-definition 1.3-inch touchscreen is easy to read in sun and shade.

  • Water and dustproof to a rating of IP68.


  • The centerpiece is thick and heavy, taking some more time to get used to.
  • Blood pressure measurements are actually estimations, and can be inaccurate.

Finally, we have the HalfSun Fitness Tracker, an affordable but capable tracker that’s also able to monitor your heart rate and blood pressure, albeit in a way that won’t give you the most accurate results. Since this is something innate to smartwatches that measure blood pressure through wrist contact only, it’s nothing that can be held against this individual product.

We can say that all of these monitoring functionalities are neatly organized by app within the watch’s user interface, and they provide detailed reports informed by a continuous analysis of your heart, pulse, and sleep patterns. It also has a standard pedometer that calculates your steps and the distance you have walked, as well as the estimated number of calories you have burned along the way.

You can connect this watch to your smartphone to access GPS data, allowing you to see the distance you’ve run or cycled, as well as the pace at which you did it. This is very handy for those who prefer to plan and strategize their workout routes. 

We will say, however, that a lot of the features you get from smartphone connectivity requires the third-party app H Band rather than the tried and true Bluetooth. It works well regardless but might not sit well with the more tech-savvy consumers out there who want to protect their data.

The screen of this watch is great at standing out no matter what environment you find yourself in, being a 1.3-inch IPS HD screen that uses color to great effect by displaying high contrast images. This is particularly useful and pleasing to the eye when the different fitness tracking apps are distinguished by their colors.


  • Continuously reports on heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep patterns via accessible apps.
  • Records all-day activities like calorie burning and distance walked.

  • Smartphone connectivity can access GPS data for route details.

  • Large 1.3-inch IPS HD color screen presents a high contrast image that’s easy to see.


  • Requires downloading a third-party app for smartphone connectivity.
  • Wrist-measured blood pressure from watches can be unreliable.

Best Fitbit for Blood Pressure - Buyers Guide

How to find the best Fitbit for blood pressure

Since Fitbit doesn't have blood pressure monitoring capabilities yet, we chose products from several brands that would, by the colloquial use of the word, be called Fitbit. Where blood pressure monitoring is present, it’s limited by how you wear the watch. Without sufficient compression and only locking around the wrist, most blood pressure readings are tantamount to estimates based off of your pulse information.

This buyers’ guide has information on the features and properties you should look for in your watches, from heart rate and blood pressure monitors to sleep monitoring, fitness features, smartphone connectivity, screen and construction, and battery life.

Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Monitoring

Smartwatches that keep tabs on your pulse can use that to report on your heart rate during periods of rest, exercise, and sleep. This is handy for those who need to track their heart health or want data regarding their heart’s performance when working out.

Some smartwatches even claim blood pressure monitoring capabilities, so what does this mean?

They mostly operate the same, using sensors in the watch to detect your pulse and, from that information, extrapolate and estimate your blood pressure. This is more approximate than simply counting the speed of those pulses, like heart rate monitors do, hence why most smartwatches prioritize advertising their heart rate detection over blood pressure.

You’ll often see smartwatches from Chinese manufacturers claiming to be able to measure your blood pressure since they operate under less stringent advertising customs. Blood pressure monitoring using smartwatches isn’t an FDA-approved process and, while it will give you results, those results won’t be the most accurate, usually overestimating the pressure. 

This makes blood pressure monitors on these watches a handy feature for those who want a general estimate of their blood pressure, but not that great for those who need to keep track of their blood pressure. For that, you’re better off using FDA-approved compression monitors like Omron or QardioArm products.

Sleep Monitoring

Often accompanying, if not actively built into, other monitoring features, sleep monitoring is when a smartwatch keeps track of your sleep and drafts reports based on how successful your sleep was. This involves charting your sleep stages and judging them based on sleep depth and whether you suffered from any sleep interruptions during the night.

Fitness Features

By fitness features, we mean the more quintessential properties of a sports smartwatch. This almost always includes a pedometer to measure your steps and, if the watch is high-end enough, the pedometer will even go as far as to calculate the distance you’ve moved, the pace of that movement, the calories burned during that movement, and the time it’s taken to complete your route.

Many of these features usually make use of a GPS, either one native to the smartwatch or by piggybacking off of your phone’s GPS. This is usually done via Bluetooth, but some rely on third-party apps of varying trustworthiness.

Smartphone Connectivity

Whether it’s to use the phone’s GPS or not, most smartwatches will also have the ability to connect to your smartphone for other purposes. This is done via a bridging app, like the Fitbit app for Fitbit products, so you should keep software compatibility in mind when looking for the right watch.

Through this connectivity, you can get some smartphone functionality on your smartwatch, like the ability to take calls and messages by redirecting them from your phone to your wrist. You can also download social media apps to check up on them when on the go.

Try for models with a broad means of connectivity, such as Bluetooth, so you don’t need to worry about compatibility that much.

Screen and Construction

You should go for a screen that’s durable and has colors that pop, presenting high contrast images that will be easy to read. If you have special eyesight concerns, then you might want to look for the largest screen you can find to make sure you can read it properly.

As for the band, you’ll only really need to make sure that your wrist size falls within the maximum and minimum fitting details, so you can actually wear it. Checking whether the band is replaceable is a good idea too, particularly if you want a watch you can get the most use out of by replacing it if and when the band breaks.

The whole watch should be waterproof, especially if you’re planning on having it come into contact with the water. A 5 ATM rating should be fine, as should IP67 or IP68 ratings which mean that the watches can withstand being submerged in water and being exposed to usually damaging levels of dust for eight hours.