Best Cheap Fitbit Alternatives

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Fitbits are some of the most common fitness watches that you can get nowadays with many models of these watches dominating this sector of the market. They may be popular but they can have hefty price tags too.

If you are looking for a Fitbit style watch but do not want to be spending lots of money in the process, then you will be pleased to know that they are some great cheap alternatives that look and function just like a Fitbit. 

We have done the hard work for you and browsed the market for the best cheap alternatives to the Fitbit. We have reviewed five of our top picks and also included a buyers' guide to give you a good idea of what you should be looking out for. 

Are you in a hurry? then we have chosen our top pick for you below.

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Best Cheap Fitbit Alternatives - Comparison Table

Best Cheap Fitbit Alternatives - Reviews

Our top pick is the Letsfit smartwatch and fitness tracker, it's impressive star rating certainly makes it worthy of the top spot.

The features on offer are truly impressive and for the price you can't go wrong. Not only is it a heart rate monitor and a sleep tracker, but it also monitors your daily step count and the calories that you have burned. Letsfit has introduced some impressive new features with this watch in the form of music control and stress training. 

By connecting this watch to your phone through the VeryFitPro app, not only can you sync and keep track of your daily progress, but you can also receive SMS notifications as well as Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram alerts. If you find yourself unable to take a call, you can hang up via this watch so that it doesn't continue ringing. 

You can enjoy up to ten days of using this watch on one singular charge.

This watch has a very nice aesthetic too, with a 1.3-inch touchscreen you can have a more intuitive understanding of your health and sports activity and the clear display makes it nice and easy to understand. 

Impressively, this watch also meets IP68 water standards so you don't have to worry about rainwater causing damage. Even more impressively you can also wear this watch swimming to track your progress.

It is available in three nice colors; black, dark blue and pink.


  • You can connect to the app so that your data and notifications are available on both your watch and phone.
  • The touchscreen is user friendly and makes using this watch a lot more immersive. 

  • Charging this watch for 2.5 hours gives you an impressive 10 days of full battery and 30-40 days of standby time.

  • The features give you a breakdown of your daily activity, so you can keep track of your progress.

  • It is a very good value for money.


  • A few customers experienced difficulties receiving all of their message notifications.

Next up we have chosen the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Fitness tracker. Again, it boasts a very impressive range of features, all for a super affordable price. 

This tracker has some super handy features from the step counter to heart rate monitor, to the sleep tracker and activity and swim tracker. 

Downloading the MI Fit app enables you to connect this watch to your phone, so that you can sync all of your data and receive text messages, call details, and notifications from Facebook and Twitter, etc through a vibration alert.

All of the information is displayed on a 0.95" color screen, which is easy to read and understand. By simply lifting your arm you can see the time and then tapping the button on the bottom allows you to flick through the different options to see your heart rate, steps, activities, etc. 

A really good detail with this smartwatch is that it is waterproof. With a 50M waterproof rating, you can wear it while swimming underwater without having to worry about possible damage. You may wear this while you swim, surf, or are even just out in the rain. Like it would track any other on land activities, if you wear this swimming, it will monitor your swim time, speed, distance, and the calories that you have burned.

In terms of battery life, you won't be disappointed with this fitness tracker, with a built-in 135mAh Lithium-Ion polymer battery, this is likely to last you for around 20 days on one single charge.


  • The strap is made from a soft thermoplastic elastomer so it can be worn comfortably in high and low-density activities.
  • It has some great features at a very affordable price.

  • It is waterproof so you can wear it for water-based activities and in the rain without having to worry about it getting damaged. 

  • The information is clearly displayed on the screen and is easy to understand. 

  • The brightness control is a useful feature as it allows you to adjust it to prolong battery life. 

  • The battery life is really impressive and this has been noted by customers who have purchased this watch.


  • This watch doesn't have auto-stop tracking, so it requires you to do this yourself. 

We have chosen the Garmin Vivofit 3 as our next pick for you. The auto-detection feature captures the different activities that you are undertaking automatically, this may be walking, running, cycling, or swimming. This is a super cool aspect as it does not require you to enter any details of your activities manually, it does it for you, by simply recognizing changes in your movement.

Garmin Connect Online saves your data so that you can view it whenever you like and you can also plan and share your progress. 

The small screen displays your step count, calories that you have burned, intensity minutes, monitors your sleep and also displays the time on the backlit display. 

A handy feature of this fitness tracker is that it tells you to move. If you have been inactive for an hour the watch will display a red bar alert and a gentle vibration will encourage you to move around. This bar then continues to build up until it is reset by you moving and walking. 

Believe it or not this watch has a year of battery life without requiring constant recharging. Super impressive as I'm sure you will agree.

It is also super wearable thanks to its sleek silicone band design. This provides you with 24/7 wearability and is available in three different colors. It is also waterproof so you can wear it on land and in water.


  • It has outstanding battery life.
  • The automatic detection feature means that it automatically recognizes any changes in your movements or activities. 

  • It's on the market for an affordable price. 

  • As it is waterproof you can wear it anywhere without it getting damaged. 

  • The move function is a useful gentle reminder which alerts you to move around. 

  • The information is always on display on the little screen so it is useful just for a little glance.


  • The style of the watch can be a little difficult to fasten when trying to put it onto your wrist.

Next up we have chosen this slim fitness tracker watch by the brand TOOBUR. At a super affordable price, this is a great choice for everyone, even kids from 8 years and above.

This watch features a 24-hour activity tracker that will automatically monitor your steps, distance, and calories that you have burned. This data is then displayed on the watch screen or you can connect it to your phone and track your progress through the app.

There is a sleep monitor that automatically tracks your sleep and gives you feedback in regards to the quality of your sleep, e,g whether you were in a deep sleep or light sleep, and how much time you spent awake in the night.

A good function of this watch is the alarm. You can set a few alarms and the silent vibration wakes you up without disturbing those around you. 

Once you have connected your phone to the app you can also receive notifications from Facebook and Whatsapp etc and also text and call alerts too. The alarm also works to keep you alert of all the important notifications. 

A good thing about this watch is the guarantee and support service that you receive. If you find yourself experiencing any issues, then you are covered with a 12-month guarantee and a technical support team is on hand to give you advice when needed. 

It is nice and wearable thanks to its slim and stylish design and is available in three different colors.


  • It is suitable for adults and kids alike.
  • You are covered with a 12-month warranty if you do find yourself experiencing any issues.

  • The alarm keeps you alert of all your important notifications.

  • The band fits a variety of different wrist sizes and the fasten keeps it in place securely.

  • It's super affordable at an excellent cheap price.


  • Some customers did not find the app that it is compatible with to be very user friendly.

Finally we have chosen the Letscom Fitness Tracker. This also boasts a range of useful features that make it a great pick if you are looking for a Fitbit alternative. 

As well as the all-day tracking feature which records your step count, distance, calories burned, and active minutes, there are also multiple sport modes. These are useful for helping you to understand your specific activity data. There are 14 modes to choose from and the GPS means that you keep track of your distance and pace stats as well as your workout route. 

The heart rate feature automatically monitors your heart rate throughout the day and the sleep tracker gives you a thorough understanding of how well you slept. From sleep duration to sleep quality and this can help when trying to enforce a healthier lifestyle. 

The sedentary alert means that the watch will alert you when you haven’t moved around for a long time, this encourages you to get up and take a little walk.

Usefully, by syncing this watch to your phone you can receive text messages, calls, and Facebook and Whatsapp notifications. 

Impressively this watch can last up to 7 days on a singular charge.


  • This fitness watch automatically tracks your activity.
  • It retails for a very good and affordable price. 

  • It is available in a nice range of different colors so there is one for everyone's taste. 

  • It's easy to set up and connect to your phone.

  • It is lightweight and easily wearable. 

  • The data is displayed clearly on the screen and is easy to understand.


  • This watch isn't waterproof so it isn't ideal if you're a regular swimmer.

Best Cheap Fitbit Alternatives - Buyers Guide

There are many things to consider before purchasing your fitness tracker. You want one that is going to sport all of the different features that you are looking for while also being good value for money. Some will function more basically than others with a reduced amount of features while others will be very similar to a Fitbit at a fraction of the price. We've listed some things that we would recommend you look out for below.

Fitness features

All fitness trackers tend to come with a step counter which detects your movements while you are wearing the watch, informing you of the steps that you have done throughout the day. There are also some more detailed functions such as different fitness modes. You can select if you are doing a workout, walking, running, cycling, etc. Some trackers may be more detailed with these features than others, so it is worth paying attention to if this is something that you desire in your fitness watch. 

Heart Monitor

All fitness trackers come with a built-in heart monitor, with some this will automatically monitor your heart rate 24/7 with others you will have to select the function to do it manually. Once you hold down the button, it will then give you a reading of your heart rate. You may have different preferences for this function depending on how conscious you are in monitoring your health. 

Sleep Tracker

Again this is a feature that is integrated into almost all fitness trackers these days, even the cheaper ones. This function tends to monitor your sleep, telling you how long you slept for the quality of your sleep and how long you spent awake.

SMS and call alerts

Now this is a function most trackers tend to have. By connecting your phone to the tracker, you are notified when you have received a message, call, or SMS and on some you will be able to reply to the messages too. 

Apps and Notifications

A nice thing about fitness trackers is how they have apps that enable you to connect the tracker to your phone. This way you can simply pop onto the app to have more detailed feedback on your daily activities. With some trackers you will be alerted when you have a notification but it will not be displayed so you have to go onto your phone to read and reply to it.

Weather Proof and Water Resistant

For many people, a fitness watch is something that will accompany them in everyday life and this sometimes means withstanding the outdoor weather. Ideally you will want a watch that is going to be able to withstand the rain and wind without damaging the watch or affecting the speed or quality of its performance. Some may be water-resistant too so you can wear them swimming to track your progress in the pool.

Battery Life

Many fitness trackers are packed with different apps and functions which can ultimately drain the battery life quicker. Of course, having a tracker with a battery that drains after a few hours is going to be a big inconvenience so ideally you will want to choose a tracker that can last for days or even weeks on a single charge.


We aim to find you the best fitness trackers at affordable prices, impressively you can get some good ones for as cheap as $20-$30, more than half the price of Fitbit. Choosing a lower-priced product doesn't always mean that you have to sacrifice quality as we have included some above that are really good examples of what you can purchase on a budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cheap fitness trackers good?

Yes cheaper fitness trackers are good because they include all of the features that you need for a fraction of the price. Of course, you may choose to invest in a proper Fitbit but if you don't want too, cheap fitness trackers are great because you've got everything that you need in this little device.